We Are Non Profit Organization

We are the Smile Burundi UK. More precisely, we are a few people, with heart we say, supported by a few others unseen and unnamed, but full of love for children. Moved by the suffering, hunger and condition of malnourished children, found in Buraniro, Burundi, Africa.

Our actions are aimed primarily at helping malnourished children in Burundi, Africa, but with opportunities to expand to other disadvantaged countries or regions.

We help children in advanced stages of malnutrition

But our activity does not stop here. The situation of malnourished children is not one that can be solved by treatment alone.

Often, the recovered children require long-term support to ensure they don’t relapse in a critical condition. In addition to nutritional aid, children also receive help to continue their education: supplies, uniforms, food, etc.

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If you want to contribute with more than a simple donation, we can always use a pair of extra hand to help us out.

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